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Jul 4, 2024

God Bless America With a Yiddish Twist - Shulem (video)

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  1. Weiiiird. Why in the world would he want to make this display of avoida zara for a frie country? Shame.

  2. Yes, כפשוטו. And the energy certainly felt like that to me. What in the world was he thinking by turning that song into a Yiddishe love fest?!

  3. Relax, intended primarily as a hokoras hatov to the USA.
    Now go back to fressing your erev Shabbos cholent. While your wife slaves over everything prepping for Shabbos. Sheesh!

  4. Why the insults! Clearest sign of an inability to respond to substance. Hakoras HaTov is a slippery slope. See Rambam's explanation of how Avoida Zara historically began. The issue is not expressing gratitude for hessed, but putting on a display of neo-religious veneration.


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