Aug 17, 2007

JPIX #14

Before I begin let me start off with saying thanks to Mr. Bagel who is the founder and manager of the J pix carnival.

And now, after the brief word for our sponsor, on to the carnival.

me-ander stays home for her vacations. Take a look and see why she has no need to go anywhere...

me-ander takes us on a tour of the Machane Yehuda shuk - it is more than just fruits and veggies!!

David from Temunot also went to Machane Yehuda and shows us some trays of really delectable looking goodies!

David also took advantage of his being in Israel to visit the Beit Hamikdash. I must have missed some big new stories while I was on vacation!!!

Dave Bender gives us a pic of Jerusalem at night in time for Elul..

David is really seeing all the sights! He went to Chevron and saw the memorial for Shalhevet Pass, the baby who was murdered in her baby carriage by an Arab terrorist.

A Simple Jew presents his black and white picture of the week...of Dogwood in July.

me-ander went to New York!! I thought she only stays on Shiloh... hmmmmmm

Simply Jews caught this cool looking critter on his camera...

Batya went to the Museum of Jewish Heritage while she was in NY and she also went to Manhattan...

A Simple Jew has another b&w pic of the week...

Streets of Jerusalem brings us images of concerts in Sultan's Pools and then shows us a wonderland tucked in between some streets in Rechavia

and last but not least, muse went to a wedding dressed differently than everyon else....


  1. Great job on #14!
    Thanks for the links, and by the way, I went to NY for "kibbud av v'em." I also was there for the 9 days, since the pool is closed then.

  2. that's a good reason, but you have no need to explain to me!!!

  3. Just back from vacation and back into the fray with a vengeance! Lovely job, and lovely photos.

  4. well done. thanks for your comments on my blog

  5. you know Simple Jew? Does everyone in blogosphere know everyone else -except for me? lol

    btw-i posted a comment at rebel w/a cause but I hope you read it, i'd like to hear your take too! thanks.

  6. Well done Rafi thanks for hosting JPix 14

    Shalom Mr Bagel

  7. Nice job! Great pictures, everyone!

  8. Thanks muchly for the link, Rafi, but the Pass memorial pic in Hebron isn't mine. But this one is:
    "Little Jewish girl with memorial candles at Hebron's Tomb of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs."

  9. Hi. I have a photoblog, and I would love to join this contest. How do I?

  10. joe - actually frumhouse is the manager of the jpix carnival now. her blog can be accessed at


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