Aug 18, 2011

Birth Control In Your Hair

How do they come up with this stuff?

Egypt's national newspaper, Al Ahram, has reported that the Israeli citizen who was recently arrested fro spying in Egypt, Ofir Harari, was also involved in a scheme for the Mossad. The plan was to cause mass infertility in Egypt by selling shampoo that causes infertility. Harari, along with a Jordanian national, were going to set up a company that would import hair products from israel that would cause infertility. (source: INN)

Add this to the recent accusation that the Israelis were selling gum that causes infertility, the Zionist vulture spy, and the Zionist shark attacking tourists in Sinai.. and you being to wonder what the Arabs are really smoking in those hookas...


  1. strange. very strange.
    how do they come up with this stuff?

  2. well, apparently, you guys aren't using that shampoo!

  3. i was waiting for that. I was even thinking of writing it myself! :-)

  4. :) you can always count on me. don't tell your wifey though, she's still mad at me


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