Aug 31, 2011

HonestReporting Looks at the Light Side of Life (video)

HonestReporting Looks at the Light Side of Life

What has Israel ever done for peace?

From The Youtube Description:
The more we follow the news, the more we realize that some things are just too outrageous to be taken seriously.

HonestReporting presents the first in a series of 'Media Circus' titles that might open the eyes of others, through an alternative satirical approach.


  1. I think HR does a lot of great work, I don't think this video promotes their cause. It's kind of lame and hamhanded. They should leave the satire to Caroline Glick, she seems to have a better ear for it.

  2. Commentator Abbi:
    It's a spoof of Monty Python's "The Life of Brian", and is quite hilarious if you've seen the movie (which is quite hilarious).

  3. no, MP was quite hilarious. this is quite pathetic and comes off as whiny.


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