Aug 31, 2011

Update About OROT Girls School Building

To update you on the OROT school building situation, I took this information off a couple of posts on the Facebook page for the "We Are All OROT Banot" group.
Slightly after midnight, we received the following message from our principal, Pirchiya:
"I received orders from the supervisor (i.e.: the Ministry of Education) to come to school tomorrow morning in order to prepare for the opening of the school year. The police are supposed to open the school building for us. This is pursuant to a decision of Minister Aharonovitch (Minister of Internal Security). He requested that there be no disruptions of order or provocations, nor any students or parents present. On Thursday we will have a regular school day."
This means that on Wednesday morning at 8 AM Pirchiya and her staff will arrive to prepare the building for the opening of the school year, and as of now, we are asking you NOT to come to the school during the day.
Since over the course of the past few days, we have seen that the situation is quite fluid, we ask that you continue to look for our updates.

Furthermore, since the struggle for the school is not over till it is over, and it is important to continue to apply pressure and to demonstrate strength, we plan on holding our march as scheduled.
The march will begin at 17:30 from the Super Hatzlacha parking lot in Scheinfeld, and together we will march to OUR school.
Please do not bring inappropriate signs, meaning anything nasty or provocative. Any signs with negative messages will not be allowed to be used in the march!!!!
And they specifically encourage people to NOT be provocative and reject the use of violence in any way.
The news is certainly encouraging. Thanks you to one and all for your hard work and support. I am proud to be a part of this community.
More about that at another time.
It is IMPERATIVE that we maintain our dignity and NOT allow ANY violence at the march today.
We now have the full support of the police. I will also say that the police have been extremely helpful and supportive through this time.
They are counting on us to march without provocations, name calling, and obviously no violence.
They will deal with any extremists who come and try to disrupt our march.


  1. the problem with your demonstration (or one of them) is what is provocative? just having females there is a toeiva (according to your honorable adversaries)

  2. sorry the above is from ben waxman


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