Aug 31, 2011

Interesting Posts #296

Interesting Posts #296

1. God Made x Happen Because y

2. Rav Zilbershtein Says Only Rabbis Can Decide About Child Abuse (interestingly, the author, Rav Eidensohn, gives background into Rav Zilbershtein after the post. His wife, the daughter of Rav Elyashiv, is named Aliza Shoshanna. I found that to be an interesting name for someone like Rav Elyashiv and his wife to have chosen for their daughter. Especially in light of a psak given by Rav Chaim Kanievsky, her brother in a law, that people should only use names from Tanakh.)

3. Something To Think About

4. Libyan Commander Says 50,000 Killed

5. A Torah Under The Sea

6. A Sure Formula For Failure

7. Rebbe Restores Rustic Relic

8. The Out-Of-Town Rabbi

9. Joseph's Tomb 110 Years Ago

10. Herzl's Address

11. Jon Scheyer Makes Aliya

12. From the Bahrain news Agency: Palestinians Fire Rockets At Palestine

13. Some Pictures That Recently Surfaced Of Rav Kook on his visit to the US in 1924


  1. IMHO the answer to something to think about's question is not that they thought about it, they just saw what their parents and neighbors did and followed the "life experience credit" method.
    Joel Rich

  2. Chodesh tov, and thanks for including my post!

  3. Thanks for finding the post on the restoration of the Woodbourne Shul on somehowfrum. He has a prior post on Catskill memories.


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