Aug 22, 2011

Three Stars Android App

From the makers of the "Milk or Meat" Android phone app, a new Jewish-themed phone app is here to help enhance your Shabbos observance.

Tomer has now released the free Three Stars app for the Android phone.

The description from the app site says:
Don't forget when Shabbat and Hag are coming, wherever you are in the world!
Do you need a simple way to check when Shabbat starts tonight when you're out of town?
Do you want to be notified an hour (or more) before Shabbat?
Want to call your friends but don't know if Shabbat ended already?
Don't want to forget to silence the phone?
Three stars is the solution for you: See directly from the status bar (or from a desktop widget) when Shabbat has started, and when it ends, using beautiful visualization.
Main Features:
- Ongoing Shabbat notification from its start to its end (check out the screenshots)
- Option to automatically set your phone to silent mode
- Auto place locator (wifi & GPS based) will help you choose your location (from a list of more than 1000 cities around the world)
- Set your own alerts to notify you before Shabbat is in
- Widget that will tell you when next Shabbat is coming every week! Simply long-press an empty spot on your home screen, choose "Widgets" and look for "Shabbat Times"
In Jewish tradition, Shabbat starts 18 minutes before sun set, and ends when you can count three stars in the sky.
If you have a difficult time knowing exactly when Shabbos is over, this is the app for you...

1 comment:

  1. Nice app - i now can now when Shabbat is out at my parents, before calling them on Motash"k.


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