Jul 27, 2011

Turning a Non-Kosher Phone Kosher With the Milk or Meat App

To me this does not seem like such a necessary phone app, but maybe that is because I only wait 3 hours between eating meat and milk. Maybe 3 hours is just very easy to calculate and remember, whereas people who wait 6 hours after meat before eating dairy have a more difficult time.

A new app app was released this week, so far only for Android phones, called Milk or Meat. You put into the program what time you ate meat, and it calculates when you will be able to eat dairy. it counts down the time and when 6 hours have passed it pops up a notification to let you know you can have your coffee with milk, or your double scoop of Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey ice cream. 

The Milk or Meat app is available for download for free.

Again, I am not so sure why this is so necessary, but the Jewish mind continues to find solutions for all sorts of problems... A serious deficiency in the app is that it seems, from the description, to count 6 hours, and does not seem to offer the ability for those who wait only 3 hours, 1 hour, 5 and a bit, 5 and a half or whatever else other people wait. As mentioned above, maybe it is only "6 hour people" who have the problem counting..

One more thought, it seems inappropriate that this app is designed for a non-kosher phone...


  1. You know, counting, math, all that secular knowledge is bad for you.

  2. Thanks,but the app DOES include the ability to set your own waiting times between eating milk & meat (and vice-versa).

  3. cool. it wasnt in the description I saw.. too bad I dont have an adroid phone..


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