Jul 21, 2011

Rabbi Yehuda Levin Knows the Reason For The Tragic Murder of Leiby Keletsky (video)

Rabbi Yehuda Levin Knows the Reason For The Tragic Murder of Leiby Keletsky


  • Borough Park is the kodshei kodshim
  • it is the fault of the homosexuals. now they have wanted marriage and we didnt come out against the marriage.
  • the abortions in New York City, and the lack of protest
  • even without the Torah we would know gay marriage is wrong (RG: I thought all true morality comes from the Torah?)


  1. Yehuda Levin is at best a mentally defective piece of Haredi dog shit.

    He raises a blood libel against innocent people; he is no better than any anti-semite who did the same to the Jews.

    He proves that Jewish-Nazi isn't a contradiction in terms.

  2. Jonathan Rosenblum wrote an on-point article at the time of the Versailles wedding hall disaster, when some self-appointed holy man said that the floor colapsed because of mixed dancing. His point was that we are not G-d's accountants - He can keep His own books and records. Our place in the face of tragedy is to try to improve ourselves, not to try to see whom or what we can blame.

  3. anonymous - I was going to add the standard criticism of being God's accountant, and always finding blame with other people rather than with ourselves.
    Then I realized he was blaming the frum commmunity, not the Gays. he didnt blame homosexuals for this. he blamed the frum community for this by not protesting recent legislation allowing homosexuals to marry.

  4. God does not speak to us openly anymore, it is absurd to try to use statements of chazal that were from an area of true Ruach Hakodesh and prophecy.

    We do not know why God gives and He takes, does not matter if this "Rabbi" is attacking Jews or non-Jews.

    You know in his reference to the Borough Park being the "kodshei kodshim", what if I said that this was the problem. Does not chazal say that one who lives in chutz la'aretz "Is if he has no God".

    You know the Alter Rebbe wrote "By virtue of the merit of the Holy Land and its inhabitants. This is what stood by our side and will always assist in relieving us from the oppressor and delivering us from distress.”

    Rabbi Yehuda Chai Alkalai writes in a Kol Korai, "Because Israel didn't rise up to return to our Land, and to the inheritance of our forefathers, the decrees began, the expulsions and slaughters"

    Rav Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld “Whoever has the means to come live in Eretz Israel and does not, will have to answer for it in Heaven," . (HaIsh Al HaChoma, II, 149 )

    The Or HaChayim. He writes that Israel's leaders throughout the generations will be held responsible for the fact that we are still in exile, because they should have inspired the Children of Israel to love Eretz Israel.(Or HaChayim, VaYikra 25:25)

    So now should I fault the their "Kadodshei Kadoshim" community for causing Lebeiles death by not coming to Eretz Yisrael?



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