Jul 28, 2011

The True Entrepreneur Can Find Ideas Anywhere

While more and more people are joining the tent protests around the country, one person realized he can use this not just as a political tool but as an entrepreneurial tool, and make some money off it.

Kikar is reporting that someone decided to set up in Jerusalem a tent city for the haredim to join the protest. he brought a bunch of tents for people to use, and he is charging people 150 NIS each to join the protest. He says the charge is to "cover expenses"...

Obviously the only people who can be at these protests around the clock are students who are on vacation along with unemployed (though unemployment is very low), so he tells people who join his group that they should come when he alerts them that the press will be there, so that the protest will have an effect.

The entrepreneur claims to have rabbinic support, though does not supply any names. he says the rabbis support him quietly but wont come out and say so.

I am curious if people will pay him to join his tent city of if they will just go to an open tent city elsewhere, or even just plop their own tents down for no cost.

The true entrepreneur can find opportunities anywhere.


  1. This makes absolutely no sense. Who would actually pay that kind of money to join a protest? And if they have that kind of money to throw away, why would they be protesting?

  2. maybe they want to prtest, but dont own their own tent. instead of going out to buy a tent, or instead of asking the New Israel Fund to sponsor it (like they did in tel Aviv), someone privately bought a bunch of tents and is charging for participation. sounds reasonable to me, though i personally wouldnt pay 150 for the right to participate in the protest


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