Jul 31, 2011

Interesting Psak: Seudat Gezel

I actually cannot believe the chutzpa somebody had to ask this question publicly.

to translate, the questioner asked if it is ok to go to a seudat mitzva someone in his family is making (probably he himself) to celebrate having successfully cheated the government out of millions in taxes.

Rav Aviner responded saying that God forbid to participate in such a celebration. It is not a seudat mitzva, rather it is a seudat aveira, a seudat chillul Hashem - a party celebrating sin and desecration of God's name..


  1. For other Piskei Halachah of Ha-Rav Aviner:

  2. I'm not asurprised one bit. There are unfortunately people out there, who do that in the name of religion, causing such a chillul Hashem

  3. I don't believe its real. Actually, many of the questions sent are simply stupid and/or sent to see if they can get them printed.

    Im sure we could have a contest on the blogs to see whose questions get published weekly...

  4. Jameel - could be. if true its a shame he allows them to "abuse" his service. Rav Aviner must have also thought it was a "real" question and thats why he printed it.

  5. Lo nachon. 99% of the SMS questions are le-inyan.


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