Jul 28, 2011

Interesting Posts #283

1. Curses, Seforim and Kareem Abdul Jabbar, a.k.a. The Jabbar Curse

2. Is texting on shabbos connected to the tuition crisis? seems like a stretch to me...

3. Israeli and Palestinian Women Go To The Beach Together

4. Was Leiby A Gilgul of Rav Shach? - while interesting to posit, I always find such suggestions amusing. I mean, how can anyone ever know? And, what's the point - will it increase someone's emuna?


  1. "how can anyone ever know?" אה"נ - we won't until Eliyahu Hanavi will tell us when Mashiah comes.

    You asked what the point is. I received mixed reviews in the comments of my post, as I expected. One of the positive ones said this about it:

    "It seemed to quiet my anxiety about the reason for this strange and heart-wrenching tragedy."

    Not everyone took it that way, so the post may not be for everyone. Again, it's only conjecture.

  2. I still find the conjecture interesting...


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