Jul 24, 2011

Going Legal In Mea Shearim

Sometimes people realize that no matter how much you knock your head against the wall, all you are going to succeed in getting from it is a headache. Sometimes you can get further by following the rules, even if it goes against your grain.

A few weeks ago the authorities shut down the Mea Shearim Slaughterhouse. This is a small slaughterhouse that was shut down many years ago, but has been operating "unofficially" ever since. During the closure, Yoelish Krausz, the main operator of the slaughterhouse, was arrested and eventually exiled from Jerusalem.

This slaughterhouse mostly has served mostly the local Mea Shearim population, as many of them prefer to have their chickens slaughtered with that "personal" touch rather than the mass marketed chickens. The closure led to a series of protests, and seemingly had at least a partial affect on the level of other protests being ramped up recently.

Ever since the closure of the slaughterhouse, many local Mea Shearim residents have refused to eat chicken. The one supplier of their chicken has been shut down, and these people won't just go to the supermarket and buy other brands, no matter what the hechsher might be.

As a result, the Eida HaChareidis has instructed Krausz, who is in exile in Bnei Braq, to get the slaughterhouse opened and operating legally. An unnamed source said "As we have been shechting in the Mea Shearim Slaughterhouse for more than 100 years, we will continue to shecht there for another 100 years, and nothign will be able to stop us. From now it will all be legal." (source: Kikar)

Next thing you know they will be taking money from the Zionists for their schools, encouraging the opening of movie theaters on Shabbos, and eating Rabbanut shechita.


  1. I don't understand that last paragraph! What does that have to do with making their slaughterhouse legal? Maybe I'm missing something? Please clarify.

    If you must know, their chickens were the tastiest from many others. In NY I bought only Kiryas Yovel chickens (at the butcher shop in BP) and they were the highest in kashrus, cleanliness, and flavor. There is a big difference in fresh chicken never frozen.

  2. Neshama - this is what I meant: the Eida and Mea Shearim people have always been anti-cooperating with the State, as much as they could get away with. They dont take money for their schools, shuls, etc. They have not registered this slaughterhouse as a legal business until now. I was just humorously suggesting what registering with the State might lead to. It was nothing more than humor..

  3. You should have known better, Rafi G: there is *no* place for humor in these matters.

    [Now where can I find a "tongue in cheek" smiley to insert here?]


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