Jul 26, 2011

Dead Sea Shows Life As It Advances In Contest

The Dead Sea has advanced and reached the final stage in the voting for the New 7 Wonders of Nature Contest. It is one of 14 contestants to make it into the final rounds.

If the Dead Sea should win and make it into the final list, it is expected to be a big boost to tourism, it would create an expected 12,000 jobs, and would add 300 million NIS to the government annual budget.

You can support the Dead Sea and Israel now, by going to votedeadsea.com and voting for 7 contestants including the Dead Sea.

The only thing I found funny is that the voting site (not the Dead Sea site) has not yet been updated with the next stage of the contest, as it still shows the previous 28 candidates rather than the current 14. You'd think the person in charge of this would be on top of such a significant initiative


  1. Sorry, I'm not voting for the Dead Sea in Palestine.

  2. Well, just vote for that part of the Dead Sea which is within Israel!


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