Jul 28, 2011

Never A Better Time To Invest In Israeli Real Estate

While Israel's housing prices are relatively high, and seemingly tend to continue rising, the situation with the housing crisis and the tent protests increasing in intensity appear to be pressuring the government to actually implement a real solution that will add tens of thousands of apartments to the map around Israel and bring down the prices.

One would say that it is almost definitely peaking out right now, and we can probably expect prices to soon begin dropping, as massive construction will soon begin. In other words, now is not the time to begin investing in real estate.

That would be what most people would say. But Rav Chaim Kanievsky is not "most people".

The haredi magazine "B'Shaa Tova" is reporting that an avreich who has been looking to buy a home but has been stymied by the high prices went to rav Chaim Kanievsky for advice. he asked if he should continue looking or if he should wait as perhaps the protests will soon bring down prices?

Rav Kanievsky responded that he should not wait but should continue looking and buy the apartment when he finds it. Rav Kanievsky said, reportedly, that the protests will not help, in Eretz Yisrael the prices will not go down.

Rav Kanievsky believes in the Israeli real estate industry! Buy now, as prices will continue to rise!

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  1. Time to invest in Israel - yep ! for American Jews ( buy apartment and keep them empty for retirement or to spend two weeks per year ) but not for Israel people ( young or not ) short of money and on the edge of financial collapse.Ok - I know the answer : go to Gaza Leftist and Liberal Jew


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