Aug 18, 2011

A Working Bein HaZmanim

Vacation. Bein Hazmanim.

Everybody relaxes in different ways. Some lay around, some spend it on the beach, some go hiking, some go traveling, some spend it catching up on reading or doing chores. And others have what you might call a working vacation.

When you hear the words "working vacation", you probably think of somebody going to a hotel and checking his email before going out for the days trip, calling the office once or twice during the day, and then working three or four hours at the end of the day. This is the guy who brings his briefcase and his laptop with him on vacation.

And then there is this other type of working vacation.

Tiberias is the hottest spot of summer vacation. The people flock there from all over the country. The thugs of Jerusalem, those guys who call themselves the "sikrikim" and consider themselves as the ones defending the honor of Jerusalem, Eretz Yisrael and the Jewish People, also need a vacation. And where better to go than Tiberias.

The Jerusalem thugs are taking a working vacation. Kikar is reporting that the thugs from jerusalem showed up in Tiberias and could not bear the signs on the local store windows that displayed immodesty and immorality. Instead of going back to the hotel room and sitting tight, or perhaps going back to their enclaves in Jerusalem, where they would not have to look at inappropriate images, they decided to clock in and start working. According to the reports, the thugs spray painted store windows, destroyed property, and poured black paint over store signs.

I guess they were able to then charge their vacations as work expenses.

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  1. you won't hear about this on radio kol chai


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