Aug 24, 2011

The Latest Segula, Sponsored By A Mattress Company

Segulas come from everywhere and anywhere. Anything people think might be able to be used as a good luck charm, anything that makes them feel good and positive, is rebranded and called a segula. It, the creation of fly-by-night segulas, is so prevalent that even companies are now creating segulas and associating them with their products to get an edge on their competition.

The King David mattress company has created a new line of mattresses. They have called the line "Avnei Choshen", and they are marketign these mattresses as being good for the body and soul. There are 5 different mattresses in the line, each with different qualities and features in the way it is designed.

In the marketing of the mattress they write that in these mattresses is a special segula of King David (the king, not the mattress company) from the book of Tehillim, as sections were written on parchment by a sofer stam on mehudar parchment. The segula is customized for whatever issue it is you, the buyer, wish to improve, be it clam sleep, fear, marriage, fertility, shalom bayit, health or any of the salvations..

Walla News reports further on this new product, having spoken to the owner of King David Mattresses. The parchment with the piece from tehillim written on it is placed inside the mattress on the side of the head. They say they will be coming out soon with a sixth mattress in the line that will be a segula for helping the owner be able to buy an affordable apartment.

I wonder if the guy puts the mattress in the wrong way, or if he sleeps the wrong way, if the segula somehow backfires...

By the way, when you buy one of these mattresses, along with the mattress you will receive a photocopy of the parchment and the section that is written on it, along with a special daily prayer for you to say before sleeping on the mattress, so you will get maximum effect out of the segula.

I don't know if they are trying to compete with the other mattress companies or with the various Babas...


  1. If there are full Pasukim from Tehilim hidden inside the mattress, does that mean that the matress must be placed in "Sheimos" when it can no longer be used?

  2. For me, this falls in the same category as the huckster at the circus during חול המועד פסח selling popcorn "כשר לפסח".

    I do not want to offend anyone c"v, but who on earth believes in this poppycock?

  3. good question Michael. I imagine so. unless maybe it is possible to remove the parchment from the mattress before discarding...

  4. chaim - probably too many people

  5. what's wrong with popcorn kosher lepesach?
    (other than for those that have a minhag not to eat kitneot)?

  6. An additional question is whether it would be possible to engage in marital relations on top of Passukim.

    Sounds like there are several halachic reasons to avoid this mattress, even without getting into the issur of creatimng Kamiyot.

  7. with a sheet on, it is covered. does that count as a mechitza? also, it seems to be inside the mattress, not on top of, so it seems to not be visible. also might be a factor


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