Oct 23, 2011

Earthquake in Turkey, Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi Predicted It

The innocent civilians of Turkey are not at fault for the idiocy of the government, and specifically of their prime minister Erdogan. Of course, they voted him in, and re-elected him again, so in a sense they do bear a certain responsibility, knowing and obviously approving of his policies and his attacks on Israel.

Still, I don't wish upon the people trouble and distress, though I wish upon the government all the trouble it can possibly encounter. Today's earthquake is an example of that - a 7.2 on the Richter scale that hit in Eastern Turkey. I feel for the people, and I expect Israel will offer assistance as they always do, but my empathy is tempered because of the way the government has recently been acting, turnign us into enemies.

And the supporters of Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi are saying that his predictions are right once again, as he recently predicted such tzurres in Turkey (along with many other calamities in the coming year). I want to know who he thinks will win the Super Bowl. He might be better than Paul the Octopus!


  1. Please don't make fun of Rabbi Paul the Octopus Z"l - at least he wasn't asking his believers for donations.

  2. did he take a percentage of bets?

  3. Of course, since, as a number of Turkish posters to various Israeli newspapers noted, most of the residents of Van province are Kurds, not Turks. So their government is quite happy to turn down badly needed help.

  4. This is a play by nature! This may occure in anycountry. But on thing we should rember that the the intensity of calamity is the creation of man. We should study many lessons from this. Is it necessary to waste such a huge amount for building a house. Tones of huge mass of concreate substance is utilized for it. This takes the life of people when such calamities occur. Let us hand in hand with the people of Turkey to minimies their worries.


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