Oct 30, 2011

Interesting Posts #315

Interesting Posts #315

1. Noah's Ark in Lakewood To Save The World - while his comparison of the top floor being the people who save the world compared to the offices of the Bais Horaah is fine by me, I am irked by his inferred comparison of the middle floor of offices being compared to the animals, and the bottom floor of restaurants compared to the garbage. Or maybe he didnt mean that and I am just reading too much into it.

2. Etrogim After Sukkot

3. The Kaiser Arrives and the Rabbis Turn Out

4. Another Israeli Story

5. World Series Game 6 And The Jewish People

6. No Role Models For My Daughters

7. The Ride of Hope

8. Haredi men Selling Their Wives

9. Is Gilad Shalit A Hero?

10. Another Humorous Look At Bet Shemesh - The Water Authority

11. TSA Issued A Lulav Alert This Sukkot


  1. Based on the comments to the ark posting, the top floor potential to save the world is some sort of sarcasm.

  2. Thanks for the link. You wouldn't believe how many hits I got from that post for people Googling "Is David Freese Jewish?"

  3. Regarding the "Taivah" - He was definitely being sarcastic. Look at the whole blog. He totally disdains the Lakewood establishment,

  4. Rafi, thanks for the link. You should have a good and healthy winter!


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