Oct 11, 2011

Interesting Posts #311

Interesting Posts #311

1. A State Is Born in Palestine - the New York Times has a fascinating description of how Israel succeeded in getting the votes to become a state despite the fact that the UN is usually anti-Israel.

2. Before A World War

3. A Tale of Two Israels

4. The Ortho-Spectrum

5. Is Bet Shemesh Municipality Against Tzedaka?

6. Sukkot in Jerusalem 100 Years Ago

7. Who Is Your Hero?

8. The Rav and the Rebbe

9. Do Israelis Send To Too Many Hugim?

10. the Tyranny Of A Religious Minority - it is a great question posed. I am just not sure why it is stated as a religious minority. And if it was done by a passenger who was Catholic it would be obviously ok to cause a delay, for religious reason, to a flight full of people?


  1. Thanks tons for the link, Rafi.

  2. I think the "religious minority" refers to the people on the plane, not a specific religious group. If 50% or even 25% of the passengers were Orthodox Jews, it would be different than delaying/canceling the flight for a single passenger or family.


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