Oct 11, 2011

One Person's Kapara Is Another Person's Kapara or The Chicken That Got Away (video)

There was a story running on Channel 10 news from before Yom Kippur about the chicken that got away. The Great Escape.

The chicken was under the knife, literally, and after taking a partial cut escaped from death row. How it escaped is not known to us. I suspect the shochet did something wrong and released it, as it was now deemed a treifa, but that is not explained in the news report. Anyway, the injured chicken gets away and runs into the Ayalon Expressway. A volunteer from one of these animal rights organizations rescued it and is nursing it back to health. The volunteer also named the chicken "Kapara".

The funny thing about this report is the report title. In the video you can see they named the report" He didn't want to be shnitzel". I got a kick out of that.

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