Oct 11, 2011

Whole Chickens For Gilad Shalit

I am not sure what this is all about.

Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails are running a hunger strike due to worsened prison conditions and some inmates being put into solitary confinement. Their demands include the return of satellite channels and the Palestinian TV channel, a demand to receive visitors when the inmates are not handcuffed, allowing them to walk between the cells and the ability to buy whole chickens.

The Prison Service has already compromised on the whole chickens, though they insist that the chickens will be cut up by guards, and negotiations are ongoing regarding other demands.

Whole chickens? That's what they demand? The only thing I can think of is they want whole chickens as a way of smuggling contraband into the prison. I cannot think of any other reason they would demand a whole chicken. Besides that, if the prison serves meals, why should they be buying chickens? Chocolate bars and bamba from the prison canteen, but to demand chickens?

Besides for the whole chicken issue, the worsening of the conditions of these prisoners was a specific decision taken to put pressure on the Palestinians and Hamas due to the way they are holding Gilad Shalit captive, with no contact with the outside world. The Prison Service should not be negotiating to ease off on the worsening of the conditions, and if the prisoners continue to refuse to eat, the Prison Service should allow them to starve to death. Maybe that will put some pressure on the Palestinian Authority and Hamas..

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