Oct 17, 2011

Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi on The Shalit Deal

Yesterday I saw Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi's parsha sheet for Shabbat Hol HaMoed. The article was focused on his predictions for the coming year, though he did not really say anything specific. Rabbi Ben Artzi did say that the coming year would bring tragedies and natural disasters, such as earthquakes and hurricanes and others, that would be much harsher than those of previous years. Of course he also spoke about the safety of being in Eretz Yisrael, and the threat of war which would not amount to anything.

Kikar reported that he also weighed in on the "Shalit Deal" - the agreement to release Gilad Shalit. Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi said:
With God's help no harm will come to the deal and he will be released on Tuesday and will arrive in Eretz Yisrael.  Some like it, and some don't like it and ask "Why?", but Hashem is the one who did this. Not the prime minister and not anyone else in the world - they didn't bring him to Eretz Yisrael.
Why did Gilad Shalit not come back three years ago? It is the same plan. Rather, the world was not ready for it back then. If these thousand would have been released then, wherever they would have been put - they would have caused great destruction, so Hashem decided only now to do this. If the deal had happened three years ago, they would have organized themselves and made a balagan 100 times worse than they can now.
Now they will destroy themselves, they will fight with each other, they will fight over who will rule. They will come to Gaza and will receive great honor, the honor of kings. In the end they will fight and consume each other - this is the plan of Hashem. Everyone can calm down - this is what Hashem has decided.
Am Yisrael should accept it with great love, that this should be successful. Now it is very fitting that there should be bracha and hatzlacha. Those thousand that are being released - their sword will come to their hearts and they will each consume the other.


  1. Since when did Nir Ben Artzi become a rabbi? Where/who did he get smicha from?

  2. I dont know. I am just using the title attributed to him by the media and by his own paper. true or not I have no idea. Josh Waxman (parsha blo) calls him a tractor driver

  3. I love how much we are such tzaddikim to question who is a rabbi and who isn't.

    Does the title 'rabbi' mean you have smicha? or maybe, it just means 'teacher of Torah'?

  4. Nir Ben Artzi is nothing more than a delusional man, and certainly no rabbi.

    I don't think he's a charlatan, just mad.

    From my own personal experiance.

  5. Gilad Shalit's mission for Israel

    A Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi said that Gilad Shalit doesn't know it, but he enacted a great Tikkun for Yisrael. He also said, “On the day Gilad Shalit was released, most of the world, and all the Jews in the Land and throughout the world stopped what they were doing and watched on various technologies, in order to see the miraculous account brought about by the King of Kings... Never has there been such an occurrence, that all Am Yisrael was so united... That day was like Yom Kippur, on which all Am Yisrael joined together and prayed to the Holy One that all should unfold in peace, a unique day of the year... Gilad had a mission of five and a half years on behalf of Am Yisrael. The day will come when we will understand this mission.”

    On the 29th of Sivan 5766 (June 25, 2006), Shalit's Army Unite was attacked by Palestinian terrorists: 2 Soldiers were killed, 3 wounded, and Gilad Shalit was captured. On the 20th of Tishrei 5772 (October 18, 2011), he was released in exchange of 1027 Palestinian prisoners.

    To my understanding, this is the mission Gilad Shalit had to fulfill:

    5 Years from June 25, 2006 to June 24, 2011 times 365 days = 1825 days
    2008 was a leap year, one extra day = 1 day
    from June 25th to October 18th 2011 = 116 days
    Total of days from Gilad's capture to his return to Israel = 1942 days

    Like in Genesis 29:27+28 and other Scriptures, sometimes the Bible is counting one day as one year. If we translate Gilad's 1942 days in captivity into 1942 years, and subtract those1942 years from his release at Tishrei 5772 (2011/12 CE), we arrive at the year 3830 (70 CE). That is the very same year when on the 9th of Av the Roman General Titus destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple, killing and wounding millions of Jews, and forcing them into captivity, and scattering the people of Judea and commencing the Jewish exile from the Holy Land.

    Is that the mission Gilad Shalit had to fulfill, showing in type the years of the Jews in exile, from the beginning to the end? The Rabbi said he had a mission on behalf of Israel. If this is it, then we know that this is the year when the King of kings will leave the rest of the world and return back to fully restore Israel to it's former glory again. The Rabbi has repeatedly said that the time of the exile for the Jews is finish now, this striking event seems to confirm it.



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