Oct 11, 2011

Occupy Lulav, Occupy Gaza, Occupy SInai, Occupy Egypt

Every year there is an excuse for why the prices of lulavim are unusually high. One year it is due to an infestation, another year due to the Israeli government not letting them in from Egypt, another year it is the fault of the Egyptian government, another year it is due to drought, etc. Every year there is an excuse.

In light of the growing trend of social protesting, especially now that it has reached the shores of the United States with the Occupy Wall Street protest which has led to other protests around the USA, such as Occupy Boston, Occupy Atlanta, etc. someone recommended on facebook that we start a social protest campaign in a similar style in order to bring down the prices of the lulavim.

Trying to think of a name for the new social protest movement, I came up with "Occupy Gaza", or maybe "Occupy Sinai" (the majority of the lulavim come from Egypt).

What do you think? Do you have a better name?


  1. Personally I'm trying to understand why the prices of etrogim are always so outrageous. You can by a citron on the streets of Calabria for $2(8Shek, I'm being generous) per Kilo(about 3-5 fruits). So why is it that they cost a minimum of 150shek?

  2. Not that the price isn't grossly inflated, but for a product that people will not buy if there is the wrong dot on it, or the slightest pin prick, and then you factor in that everyone on the distribution chain needs to make money, it isn't surprising that esrogim for sukkos are expensive.

    The real question I guess is why you can get them slightly cheaper in the US. 150 NIS = $40. They probably start around $35 here.

  3. YES! i would also extend the timely invitation to OCCUPY BUTNER, NORTH CAROLINA, OCCUPY LEBANON, OCCUPY JORDAN. Ambush them frum 10 sides, if need be. Tanks, in advance.

  4. Occupy Gaza is still in its subversive infancy: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Occupy-Gaza/228352633888443?ref=ts

  5. I would be hard pressed to find a *worse* name than that.

  6. Buy one set and share it with family nearby, shuhl memberes etc...

  7. Depends what you mean by expensive. Some people just don't believe that a set can be mehudar unless they cost the equivalent of a grocery trip before Yom Tov for a family of 8. With a twisted demand like that, you can't really drive prices down.


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