Oct 18, 2011

Gilad Shalit Saga Is Over

This blog will soon be back to its regular programming. Today I simply did not have the energy to blog, after the emotions of watching Gilad Shalit being returned home.

Israel stood at a standstill today. Nothing else happened in Israel, and nothing else that happened anywhere else in the world mattered - Gilad was being released.

Gilad is now back with us. the saga is over - at least the public aspect of it is. For Gilad and his family there is still going to be a long process of recuperation and recovery. I hope the future holds only good things in store for all of Israel and for the Shalit family and Gilad. I was impressed by Gilad's maturity and self-discipline. At a time when he probably just wanted everyone to leave him alone so he could be with his family, he dealt with the ceremonies, the interviews, the emotions and the people with grace and dignity. I trust he is well-equipped to deal with whatever the future has in store for him.


  1. HaH! it's just beginning. we're not finished with the Shalit family yet. They are the media darlings, and if the faux social justice manipulators/crowd run for Knesset, we'll be hearing from Noam Shalit for sure.

  2. could be. I dont see anything wrong with it. anybody who wants to run in an election can, and the voter decides. you don't like him - don't vote for him.

  3. I think the shalit's just tagged along on the social justice train just to keep Gilad's face on the news. From his demeanor and his speaking style, he doesn't look like the type who is at all interested in politics.

    Bitterness is unbecoming, Batya.

  4. Bitterness? It's just suspicion, and it's not unjustified.


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