Apr 23, 2012

Bigotry Exists In All Communities

A while back there were a number of instances of discrimination/racism that made the "front pages" in all the media. The reason they were such big news stories was because they were instances of discrimination in the haredi community. The entire country was shocked by stories in which ashkenazi haredi schools refused to accept sephardi haredi kids, or refused to allow any contact between the two communities, even building a wall to separate the two.

The holier than thou attacks on the haredi community made it seem as if discrimination had been stamped out from the entire Israeli public except for among the haredi community.

Since then many more instances of similar discrimination have been revealed, among the general Israeli public, though the exposure of none of them created the type of stir that had been created in the haredi discrimination cases.

According to this Haaretz report, as if the Eisner family was not already in enough trouble, Rabbi Yehoshua Zuckerman, Shalom Eisner's father-in-law and a "high profile religious Zionist rabbi", was explaining the differences between sephardim and ashkenazim. Rabbi Zuckerman said that sephardim are more "natural" and "pure", but they can't match ashkenazi knowledge.

People all over are bigots. Bigotry is not limited to the haredi community or any one community over another. We must all do more to eradicate such bigotry from our communities. It does not matter who is the bigot and who is the victim of the bigotry, it is passul in all regards
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  1. Did he mean "don't" or "can't". Is it a factual generalization or a prejudiced opinion. Without any knowledge of the case, probably the first.

  2. Its like this for communities as well. For example, I lived in Nofei Aviv and the people all fell overthemselves pretending to like the newcomers (us). When we made the mistake of (oh my gosh, telling the truth) that we were not planning to stay in Aviv, our former "close" friends shut us out ASAP, no more lunch invitations or play dates. My husband and I were very hurt but we realized after we moved out that the Aviv people were fakers.

  3. i think you are totally understating what he said.

    "A Moroccan Jew can't say anything about faith in the Western discourse. They can't match Ashkenazi knowledge," he told the pamphlet. "So what do they do? They connect to simple nationalism and vote Likud."
    you are quoting this
    "Sephardi Jews are more natural and purer than Ashkenazim because, unlike the Ashkenazim who went as far as Europe, the Sephardi Jews didn't move that far away, didn't live among Christians and studied the Zohar,"
    good clean up right? but then he messes that up as well
    Zuckerman added that Sephardi Jews didn't study the Zohar "extensively or deeply, so they lack a well-founded opinion."

    Evidently rav chaim vital didnt know what he was doing, nor did the rashash, the ben ish chai, the baba sali, rav kaduri and the countless other great mekubalim. They all lacked a well founded opinion in the Zohar because they were simply not smart enough to understand whats going on, how could they, their skin is darker. Another thing you fail to realize is that if this came from a politician or professor then no one really cares because being a politician or a professor doesn't place you on a higher moral ground. On the other hand being a rabbi, and a big name one at that... well lets just say that people assuming hes a faker would be the best case scenario.


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