Apr 2, 2012

Interesting Posts #373

Interesting Posts #373

1. Why Can't Israelis Love Israeli Jews?

2. Not Revoking The Ban On Kitniyos and Vered HaGalil and The Kitniyot Problem

3. The Next Time You Laugh About Chad Gadya

4. The Lucky MegaMillions Winner: Really So Lucky?

5. 4 Inspiring People Who Made Aliya To Serve In The IDF

6. Har Sedom and it's Button

7. Machtesh Ramon

8. Mystery Rabbi At The American Consulate

9. The Cost of Matza

10. Dangerous Exit From Your Comfort Zone

11. A Book Library In A Digital Age

12. What Happened At Midnight? and What Passover Sounded Like 370 Years Ago

13. Does The Internet Asifa Have To Be Grand?

14. Blame Rabbis For Agunot, But For The Right Reasons

15. Giving Of Himself

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  1. Rafi, thanks for including my post and giving me #1!


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