Jun 20, 2016

Interesting Psak: The kohen isn't present

The iPhone front has been relatively quiet recently, but now we have a new psak with another advancement in the fight against smartphones.

A rav in Ramot, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Fuchs of Ramot D, has issued a psak that will not allow anyone carrying an iPhone (or anything similar) from leading the services in shul (not really new), nor to get an aliya in shul - even if he is the sole kohen present in the minyan (this is new).

Even if this fellow is a kohen, and the only kohen, he will not get the aliyah. Rather, they will call someone else up saying "bimkom kohen" - in place of the kohen [who is not present]. They won't even have to send the kohen out - he will just be considered irrelevant.
source: Behadrei

We have seen some extreme limitations - not blowing shofar, not leading services, not being a witness to a wedding, etc. but this si definitely a new level.

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  1. The 'cohen' must have 'ahava' love to the kahal congregation, not the congregation (actually therav) to the cohen.

    The rav is turning around the halacha.

    1. Isn't that just for Birchas Kohanim?


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