Jun 28, 2016

shut Har Habayit for Ramadan

The security forces have closed Har Habayit for Jewish visitors for the remainder of Ramadan.

They have done this in previous years as well, and on its own would be understandable and even acceptable, if all else were equal and Jews were given sole access, or even just extra access, during the Jewish holidays.

The specific problem is that they did this at the same time the arabs on Har Habayit were starting a wave of violence. After this sign went up, and Jewish visitors could not even be blamed for instigating anything, the Arabs on Har Habayit went full loco attacking police and throwing rocks down to the Kotel area. It was not instigated by Jewish prayers or the breaking of any status quo, but simply by the violent Waqf. I would like to see them be punished instead of rewarded for their violence. Reverse the decision expressed on the sign above, and even ban the Arabs completely for the remainder of Ramadan (or for a short portion of the remainder)

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