Jun 23, 2016

news report on Yeshivat Chochmei Lev (video)

the news looks at Chochmei Lev, a Haredi Yeshiva High School

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  1. Just an observation, but for a "Chareidi Chareidi" Yeshiva, as they call themselves, where all the Bochurim say that they wish to remain Chareidi, not one of them was wearing a hat during Davening. Again, this is not a criticism, just an observation, but clearly these are Bochurim who haev decided not just to to part ways with standard Chareidi education, but also, to an extent, in dress.

    There is no question that the Chareidim need to fix their educational system, but IMHO, if they show that to the Chareidim it may do more harm than good. They will look at that as the start of something that will take kids off the Derech, and not, as they are trying to achieve, the beginning of something good.

    1. and sadly , nothing is more important to charedism that chizonius...
      an off white shirt, ein lo chelek leolam habah....


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