Jun 19, 2016

The Duma case that wasn't

The case against Natanel Forkowitz has been closed. In case you do not recognize that name, Forkowitz was the suspect in the case of the Duma arson/murder case. The Shabak picked up Forkowitz as the suspect, and held him for some time without giving him access to a lawyer. RThe investigation had not turned up any significant leads nor did the investigation into Forkowitz pay any dividends for the investigators.

This past week the prosecution quietly admitted to Honenu that it has closed the case due to lack of evidence.
sources: Srugim, Jewish Press

On the one hand, what happens now with the investigation? Which way do they go next?

On the other hand, I think this shows something about an abuse of power, really that they have been given too much power by the State, that they can hold people that they have nothing against and not even let them see a lawyer. If at the end it had turned up something, a case or even just a lead, that would be justifiable, perhaps, but to turn up nothing after all this time?

On the third hand, if such a hand would exist, how does this look for us as a State? When the Palestinians don't find murderers and terrorists or don't find them guilty, they are perceived (and we are involved in creating that perception with our PR) as supporting terror, not doing enough to quell terror. So what now - do we look to the world the way we try to make the Palestinians look to the world?

And on the fourth hand, when the case initially broke, our security forces and government made a big deal about Jewish terror, even though they obviously, in retrospect, did not really have much to base that on. Had they not made such a big deal about it, they could have investigated and whatever turned up, turned up, and whichever way the investigation would go it would go. After they made such a big deal about Jewish terror, could they really just let it all go away without us looking bad (i.e. the point above)? Maybe initially they should not be so quick to jump to conclusions.

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  1. Of course, they are given too much power! Secondly, everyone above an IQ of 10 knows this was a witch hunt - firstly, to demonize the hilltop and Yehuda/Shomrom Jews and secondly, to appease the enemy.

  2. What about the others they are holding?

  3. What about the others they are holding?

  4. dont know, though Meir Ettinger, one the main suspects, was also recently released with no charges for lack of evidence


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