Jun 27, 2016

Quote of the Day

Israel's agreement to transfer 21 million shekels to the Turks constitutes a clear admission of guilt. Even if Israel does not acknowledge it, it is a confession to the murder of nine people, wounding of dozens, kidnapping and piracy in international waters and false persecution. 
There should be more flotillas like the Marmara in order to remove the criminal siege over Gaza

  -- MK Hanin Zoabi (UAL)

I agree with the first part of what she said. As far as the second, it is the natural result of capitulating to terror/blackmail - when it succeeds it foments more of the same. If this deal goes through and it is what it is being made out to be, no matter how the PM "sells it" (i.e. tremendous economic ramifications) it will embolden Hamas and others, as they see that they are able to achieve their goals using terror.

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