Jun 15, 2016

the wedding with only anonymous gifts

What do you think of the attached note sent with this wedding invitation?

a wedding invite is not a fine. If you got the invitation it's a sign we wanted you to rejoice with us. You coming is the gift, if you still want to give a monetary gift please put it in an unmarked envelope (so you give what you want without any bad feelings of having to cover your meal) and in a separate envelope you can put a greeting card.

should this become the norm? is it a ploy? are they serious?

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  1. No thank-you cards!

  2. Think it is quite silly. They would like to have it that way so they don't need to send individual personalized Thank You cards. They can just say, 'please, no gifts whatsoever', if they would really mean it. Sometimes it's hard to know what people's thinking is.
    Anyway, Mazel Tov!


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