Jun 22, 2016

Proposed Law: vote where you are

The Central Election Committee has decided to recommend a law proposal to the Knesset that would allow people to vote wherever they are, sort of, rather than only in the "kalfi" (ballot box) associated with their address as listed in their teudat zehut.

A person will be able to declare in advance that on election day he will be located at a different address than his officially registered address. If he does so and declares his temporary location until up to 74 days prior to the elections, he will be able to vote from that location.
source: Maariv

If this law passes it will mean the parties or activists will no longer need to scramble to arrange rides and transportation for people all over the country, such as students and yeshiva bochurim, elderly people located in assisted-living centers and others, to bring them back home to vote. As long as they declare where they will be, they will be able to vote from that location.

Obviously this wont help too many individuals, as most people cannot declare where they will be 74 days from any specific day, but students and the like who are living in places other than their homes for long periods of time would benefit from this.


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  1. Would you be able to vote in local elections from any kalfi, or just the national elections?

  2. I would think only national, but I dont know. I didnt see anything about it mentioned in the few details discussed

  3. Two months is totally unacceptable. They should first arrange for 'absentee balloting' on an alternate day a week beforehand. One station opened in every city or region.
    Then they can think about grandiose ideas.
    They can build on that you can already do this at mobility challenged stations. There is absolutely nothing in the law to specify what mobility-challenged means, and if you are in Tel Aviv and can't get back to your kibbutz in the south, you are mobility challenged. Your ballot goes into the double envelope like soldiers, police, hospital, etc...


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