Jun 19, 2016

Students' Achievements Inspire U.S. Ambassador (video)

Ambassador Shapiro visited the AMIT Network's Gogya Center in Kfar Batya youth village to see how this center for excellence in teacher training is revolutionizing the future of education in Israel. Inspired by educational experts in the U.S., the Center is equipped with colorful modern architecture and multi-media interactive technology for enhancing the learning experience for principals, teachers and students. 
The Ambassador was greeted by AMIT Director General Dr. Amnon Eldar. Together they lit candles in memory of the victims of the Orlando, Florida terrorist attack. They then met with diverse groups of students representing various fields of study: students from Yeshivat AMIT Amihai Rehovot presented a model satellite built in collaboration with Elbit; the group from AMIT Renanim high school for girls, which accommodates many immigrants, spoke about their robotics program and explained how these innovations can be used in real life situations; students from Yeshivat AMIT Menorat HaMaor Haredi program discussed their English enrichment after-school program funded by the U.S. Embassy. 
The English program has helped these students achieve excellent results in a very short time and has given them an opportunity to succeed; students from the AMIT Bienenfeld Hevruta Yeshiva introduced their school's unique philosophy that focuses on making students partners in their own education by developing and enhancing their strengths and interests in cooperative, team-based learning; the yeshiva offers music, animal training and environmental studies. The Ambassador engaged with the students, and underscored the importance of integrating technology and innovation into today's classroom to keep up with the digital youth.

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