Jun 20, 2016

Proposed Law: Christian volunteers to IDF can't be harassed

MK Yoav Kish (Likud) has proposed a law to protect IDF soldiers from harassment, but then changed it at the last moment to be limited to IDF Volunteers in order to get it passed. The law proposal now says that anyone harassing or inciting against an IDF volunteer will be subject to a prison term of up to 7 years.

The original draft of the bill included all soldiers, and specifically Haredi soldiers, as they have been a target of harassment from elements in the Haredi community opposed to Haredim joining the IDF. MK Uri Maklev opposed the law in that format. Kish realized the law would not pass, so he changed it to refer to just IDF volunteers, which are generally Christians. The law includes sedition to cause [volunteer] soldiers to desert their posts, in addition to the harassment of volunteers.

The law in this format passed its initial reading and is now being moved to be prepared for voting in the Knesset.
source: Kikar

The law itself is an important law. What is troubling is how, once again, a Haredi MK works to thwart any effort to protect Haredim who have left the beis medrash. When they mention they are against those people who harass the Haredi soldiers and call them chardakim and sometimes use physical violence as well, remember that that is just lip service, as when it comes down to actually doing somethign that might help, they do the opposite.

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  1. They are politicians. Their first priority is protecting their own power. Protecting "Chardakim" doesn't get them the votes, so they don't do it. It's really simple.

  2. Actually, it's the other way around.
    The folk who harass chareidi soldiers tend to be from the crowd that doesn't vote at all.
    As Rafi said, the law in its present form could not be supported. So you have to find out what about the specific form was it that they didn't like. Then you can make your comments.

  3. The un-Jewish 'Jewish' army.


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