Mar 4, 2018

Headlines Podcast: 3/3/18 Beards and Shaving in Halacha - What is the inyan to have a beard? Are shavers muttar? (video)

It was all very good aand a nice discussion, with both the Litvishe and Hassidishe approaches being presented. My only comment would be for the last speaker - there is no need to make thigns up. Just present your approach based on your mesorah with your poskim and your kabalistic reasons. No need to talk about what is considered dignified or chashuv, as that turns it very subjective, basically as asked by the host. I kind of felt bad for him when he said how it used to be dignified people had beards, such as George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. Considering how beards then were considered not respectable and no president had a beard until Abraham Lincoln, and since Taft no president has had any facial hair, and internationally as well most world leaders do not sport facial hair, it almost proved that the point he was making was false.

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