Mar 14, 2018

Interesting Psak: learning with someone who goes to Har Habayit

Someone asked Rav Aviner if he can continue learning, "bchavrusa", with his friend, as his friend, who is a good person with fine character traits and is learned, goes up to Har Habayit.

Rav Aviner responded that one should break off the learning partnership. He said you can continue being friends, doing things and doing mitzvos together, but not to learn together - learning Torah is the basis for the proper outlook and approach to life, and clearly this person has something messed up in him.

However, one need not cancel a shidduch that was arranged with a person who goes up to Har Habayit. Rav Aviner explains that nobody is perfect and we are judged by the majority of our actions, as we all have benefits and detriments. Torah is Godly and must be exact and we cannot allow distorted views in, but for a shidduch it is ok as none of us are perfect.
source: Srugim


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  1. The Charedi outlook in a nutshell: if you disagree with a Charedi psak, you are messed up.

    And other posters here wonder why I don't care for Charedism.

  2. I guess Avi head no idea who Rav Aviner is

  3. Rav Aviner is not charedi. He is categorized as Chardal at most.

  4. Is someone who goes up to Har HaBayit allowed to learn torah from Rav Aviner?
    What other actions disqualify someone from being able to have a chavrusa?

    1. 1. clearly he can learn from rav aviner, because rav aviner doesnt go up.
      2. smartphones?

  5. Would Rav Aviner allow one to learn with a Charedi chavruta? According to this logic, probably not. Interesting.


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