Jan 1, 2006

A bunch of opportunists..

I don't get it. How is it possible that a bunch of politicos who their whole lives have held views diametrically opposed to each other can sit with each other in the same political party and look each other in the eye? How can guys like Tzachi Hanegbi, Meir Sheetrit, Ariel Sharon and others sit with those the likes of Haim Ramon, Shimon Peres, Dalia Itzik and a group of Arab politicians suddenly drop all their ideaologies and opinions they have held their whole [political] lives and all of the sudden think all on the same line.
It still makes no sense. Are they all opportunists, thinking that Kadima is their only chance at retaining a job as MK/Minister? Do they have no scruples and ideals that they feel are important? or do they really think Kadima is what will save the State of Israel and bring us to peace and security (and therefore worth giving up all previous ideals for the new ones hat have not yet even been decided)?
I still don't get it.

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