Jan 15, 2006

Why call her Haredi?

Jerusalem Post held an interview with Tzviya Greenfield (whom i wrote about earlier as being a Haredi woman running for a slot on the Meretz list). You can read the JPost article about it here.
While it is a very interesting article, I fail to understand why she is called Haredi. Is it the media just trying to sensationalize the phenomenon of a religious woman in the ultra-secular Meretz party and because she lives in a fairly Haredi neighborhood, they use the term liberally and call her Haredi? If you read the article you will see that her views are diametrically opposed to those of the haredi public. While she has a right to her views and you may agree or disagree with them, that does not mean she should be called Haredi, and my calling her not Haredi is in no way saying her view is incorrect or illegitimate. She can have her opinion, but do not go arount touting it under the guise of being Haredi. There is nothing Haredi about you Ms. Greenfield.

One point I did like and agree with was what she said regarding her worldview in differences of opinion, "Religious people believe that if something obligates them it must obligate others," she says. "I do not believe that. I believe the other is autonomous, free to make his or her own decisions. At the most I would like to convince them of my opinion or at least make them understand my perspective, to reach a shared agreement that allows us both to live together."

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