Jan 6, 2006

The difference between Pat and Crazy Ahmed

So, Pat Robertson is at it again. This time, Sharon's storke is a result of cutting up Gaza.
People are comparing PR to the Crazy Ahmed president of Iran. I do not think there is a comparison. While Pat Robertson might have diarrhea of the motuh and ften say things that are inappropriate (time to assasinate Chavez is another example of this), he is not the same as Crazy Ahmed. Crazy Ahmed called for Sharon's death and moving Israel out of the Middle East to Europe among other crazy statements. Pat Robertson did not say he wishes Sharon to die, rather gave his biblical interpretation of events that have happened. While maybe inappropriate, he is well within reason for explaining it the way he wants.
Here in Israel I have heard a number of explanations whispered (nobody is brash enough yet to actually say these things out loud during this sensitive time), which I will not repeat here, at this stage. Right now, it is inappropriate.

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