Jan 23, 2006

Chardal had a great post about how a true Gadol B'Yisroel looks at his fellow Jews of all stripes. Compare this with the rioting last week and many times in the past in Ramat bet Shemesh and in many other areas around Israel. The self appointed "gedolim" and the "gedolim" with political agendas are the ones who get upset whenever there is a "breach" in their communities and then proceed to respond with violence/force.
A true gadol is the one who shows Ahavas Yisrael to all Jews, even the ones who are not religious, or not dressed exactly the same as your specific group. This gadol, while he may wish the person was more religious and may hope to somehow influence the person to improve in his religion, loves the jew regardless and sees the good in him. He sees the Jew in him. To quote, "The student felt uncomfortable due to all the women dressed in less than modest attire and contemplated whether or not to comment on the situation. While the student was considering whether or not to say anything, Rav Gustman, looking at the building on the street, commented: "Look at Yerushalaim in its building (ירושלים בבניינה), How much we have merited ...".

This addresses Harry Maryles' post here as well.

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