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Apr 17, 2006

And the winner is.. (drumroll please)

The baby's name is Shlomo Simcha. No, not after the singer. We have a double reason for each name.
Shlomo because we had just read Shir Hashirim on shabbos chol Hamoed which was written by Shlomo Hamelech. While I understand nothing about Shir Hashirim, as it is very difficult to comprehend (I have tried to learn it a few times but gave up), Artscroll says it is the highest allegorical description of the love between the nation of Israel and Hashem. That is appropriate now as a symbol of our love for hashem and His love for us, my love for my wife and our love for our children. As well, Shlomo built the Bes Hamikdash. Shlomo was also the name of a great uncle of Shifra's who was recently deceased. i happened to know him, as he lived in Chicago. he died at a ripe old age, somewhere in his 90's and was a talmid chochom and a wonderful and warm person.
Simcha because of the holiday and we are supposed to be besimcha during the holidays. He should bring us simcha not just in the holidays but all year long. Simcha was also an uncle on my mothers side who I was not zoche to ever meet as he perished in the holocaust.

If you are interested in reading my dvar Torah at the Bris, check it out here. The name explanation was the second half of my speech. (Then there were the thnk you which I will not go into here).

I will post next a couple of pics and a little about the bris itself.

Thank you for all the ideas of names. many people suggested many beautiful names.


  1. May the little guy bring honor to the memory of the great uncle you mentioned. Mazel Tov

  2. We named our know 11 yr old (this pesach) daughter Shira because she was born the day after we read Shir HaShirim.

    May Shlomo Simcha bring you all much simcha and may he grow in the ways of Shlomo.

    Mazel Tov!!

  3. On this ninth day of Av as i contemplate the reasons for the "Churban" I wonder how much we have learned about sensitivity since the days of "KAMTZA and BAR KAMTZA". Why, when describing the arrival of innocence would you have to mark it with a reference to "LASHO HARAH" and referring to Shlomo Simcha as the "NOT SO POPULAR SINGER". There is a person behind that name and he was named Shlomo Simcha because he was born on SIMCHAS TORAH and he has dedicated his life to bringing happiness and hope to people. I am sorry that he doesn’t inspire you but that is no reason to slander him on the net for potentially millions of people to see.

    Yours truly

    Shlomo Simcha!

  4. I apologize. By "not so popular" I meant I have not heard any songs from him (you?) in a number of years. I should have written it differently. I wrote it because I was catching flak from my friends about naming him after him (you?). I will take it out - it was insensitive..

    You should be zoche to have the strength to continue bringing happiness to people.


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