Apr 30, 2006

HH 67 is up!!

Haveil Havalim 67 is up. There are a lot of posts, and a lot by bloggers I have not come across before. The Hashmonean did a fabulous job..

I only just started following HH links, but so far Treppenwitz has a very touching story for Yom Hashoah and is a must read. I found Jameel's meme very interesting, and I generally do not bother reading the meme's..

2 of my posts made the cut. I especially liked the first, about Yom Hashoah, and the second was pretty good too (though maybe a bit incomplete, as I wrote it quickly).

I still have a lot to read, and might add to my list of favorite posts from this weeks HH, but for now I gotta go..

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