Apr 11, 2006

chametz detector at the hospital

I went today to pick up my wife and baby from the hospital. I went in carrying a few bags of things she needed. One of the bags contained a few rogalach and burekas. To get into the hospital, one needs to pass through a metal detector and security guard.
Today, as I passed through with my bags, the security guard asked me if I have any bread or chametz in th bags. When I replied in the affirmative, he made me put that package back in the car. The hospital had already been cleaned for Pessach and they are not allowing chametz in any longer. The funny thing is that when I went in through the metal detectors and my Leatherman set off the alarm, he did not stop me and ask me if I am packing heat or weapons. He was more worried about the chametz than he was about the security issues.
Only in Israel!

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