Apr 3, 2006

Crawling out of the woodwork..

Recently, a number of old friends with whom I have not been in touch in a very long time have "stumbled across" my blog and figured out who I am. That is pretty easy if you know me, because I put the main highlights of my bio right up there with most of my name.

Blogging has been great and a lot of fun. I find it helps develop my thoughts mroe fully. When I experience events, or witness events, I think about them more completely, and I think how would I commit this to paper and what message do I want to convey. I have gained tremendously from blogging.

This new phenomenon is an added benefit. All of the sudden I am in touch with old friends. The jewish world is smaller than ever before. I thought I am blogging fairly anonymously, even with my name and bio right up there. There are 13 million jews out there - how many of them are going to see my small inconsequential blog. And of all those people, how many of them could possibly know who I am? a few for sure, family members mostly and a few friends who also blog and read blogs. More than that, I never thought so. Now I see that all these guys are reading blogs (and some writing) and it is much more pervasive than I thought.

The JBlogosphere (wasn't someone running a contest to come up with a new name for the jblogosphere?) has shrunk the already small Jewish village and is bringing us all closer together...


  1. guess that post was because of me - yes contacting old friends is a good thing - keep up the good work

  2. And here I thought "Bishvili Nivra HaPost". :)

    Nice post, Rafi. I have an uncle and second cousin who are j-bloggers. The bigger the jblogosphere gets, the smaller it gets. Well, you know what I mean.

  3. aneinu - you were one of 5 people who wrote to me this past week..

    yaak - you were the first to come out of the closet..


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