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Sep 15, 2006

Free from the crutch!

I am free! Sort of. I took a risk on Wednesday evening and decided that crutches were just that. Crutches. Something to lean on. Something to give you support. Something that hinders your progress. Then again they also help you walk when you can't.

Wednesday evening I decided I would not start walking normally again if I kept using the crutches. I put the crutches aside and walked around the house. I do not think you can actually call what I did "walking". It was more like a combination between baby steps, shuffling, hobbling and spasms. But I made it around the house without collapsing in pain. After a bit of that I went back to the crutches.

Thursday morning I went to the doctor for a checkup. He changed my bandages and told me that I only need to use the crutches as much as I feel is necessary. That was the end. Despite the fact that I could not walk without them, and was hobbling in a way that was likely to throw out my back and destroy my other knee, I decided the sooner I start the quicker my walking will get back to normal.

No more crutches no matter how much my wife pleaded with me. I walked around all day without touching the crutches. And yes I had pain in my back and knee (other knee). But as the day went on, my walk got more and more back to normal and the awkwardness and discomfort went away more and more.

I am still not walking completely normal, but I am getting there.

There is a lesson in there somewhere. We all have our crutches we lean on in life and they make us feel comfortable, but they hinder our progress. We have to find them and wean ourselves off them (or go cold turkey which is the method I prefer when possible).


  1. ::clapping::

    Good for you Rafi! It seems like you are coming along nicely, good to hear.

  2. Glad you're feeling better. Gut Voch! Awesome lesson, thanks.

  3. interesting lesson. extending it further - we must also understand that many of our chumros, are nothing more than crutches as well. Accepting all sorts of chumros t, in order to be frummer than the joneses, is really nothing more than a crutch to be frum. It's not easy being frum if you have to really know halacha. But just accepting as many chumros as you can, makes it much easier, in a theological sense. Who has to think - just say assur.

    We should go into yom tov with the resolution that we keep the chumros to fulfill "asu siyag latorah" but not get carried away with " lo soseef"!. May our tefilos be accepted for our good. shalom all yisroel

  4. glad to hear you're on the mend.

    have a great week :)

    ketivah vchatimah tova

  5. thank you all..

    good point shaya..

  6. Well done and good analogy.
    It's the lessons we learn from every happenstance that make us grow.

  7. hey nice. throw away those crutches. jump outta ur safety net.

    refuah shleimah..


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