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Sep 4, 2006

Imagine the chaos!

We are almost at the point where we will have no government and no president.

No government because everyday something new happens that brings the demise of the current coalition a bit closer. Today it is a budget crisis, along with the increasing seriousness of the investigation into Olmerts bribery affair and political appointments affair.

No president because of the investigation in his sexual offenses affair.

The chaor would be because according to the laws of our political system, the government elects the president, and the president forms the government (he is responsible for appointing the appropriate minister to form a coalition).

We are almost in a situation where the president might be forced to resign, and the Knesset might have to dissolve (and the PM might be forced to resign, depending on the outcome of the multiple investigations in his affairs). Who will then elect whom?


  1. how about the public gets to elect?

  2. great idea, pragmatician. very pragatic :-) however, it depends on the law and the law needs to be changed for that to happen. I am in favor of that happening, but right now the law does not allow for the public to elect..


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