Sep 27, 2006


I went to give blood today. I try to go fairly regularly. In Israel they are very strict on not allowing you to donate blood less than 90 days from the previous time. So, I go as often as I can but it does not fall out every 3 months.
Where I work, there is a team from Magen David Adom that comes every few months to have people in the area donate. I usually try to go to either that one or to a local Bet Shemesh blood raiser (instead of fund raiser).

Today was the day for the blood drive near work. I saw a sign near the elevators. So, off I go to give blood. I get there and find out I am disqualified. It is too soon since my knee surgery. She said there still might be "batzeket" (whatever that is), from the swelling.

Oh well. Bet Shemesh is having the blood drive in a couple of weeks. Hopefully they will let me give then.


  1. a batzeket is a blood clot, an "adeema". If you lose to much blood the red cells may become "sluggish." Its a serious issue. The body chemistry is more delicate than we typically realise.

  2. Hey, Rafi after reading what dan g has said, I'd just like to reassure you that, if you're reading this response you must still be ok!

    Don't panic.

    Keep up your chin, a few weeks and you'll be able to donate again.


  3. oh i do feel ur pain. time and time again im turned away cuz my hemogloben level is not high enough. i guess i should be reassured though that they dont take IS my health/life were talkin about..

  4. Well you get the mitzvah for being willing to give.


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