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Sep 5, 2006

funny thing heard on the train today

I was sitting across from an elderly man today on the train to work. The train was very delayed due to a different train being stuck on the tracks due to a technical fault of some sort.

Our train was sitting outside of Kfar Chabad. We had been sitting there for a bout 15 minutes already with no end in sight. The elderly fellow (not religious) across from me was on the phone with whoever was expecting him. He was informing them that he would be late to the meeting.

Then he said, "Maybe we can all go into Kfar Chabad and pray so the train will start moving.". It was pretty funny at the time...


  1. I can think of at least 3 other things that the guy could have said, but it's Elul...

    Even those not-yet-religious see the power of prayer (I know, very Berditchever-like of me.)

  2. my youngest just came back from his quest...you know...south america/west coast usa...he had fun i had a serious nervous breakdown...i learned on that trip to bless Chabad...my kid went there on shabbat when he was especially homesick...and pessach in machu picchu they hosted a seder of over a thousand people...just found your blog and will come back and visit often...stay safe

  3. marallyn - thanks for coming in and taking the time to comment. I am happy to hear your son was able to find some confort and taste of home when travelling abroad. If there was only one good thing to come out of chabad (and there is much more than one good thing), it is the environment they provide around the world pretty much wherever you might want to visit, they give you the ability to have a kosher meal, talk to another Jew, feel a bit of home, etc.

    neil - you can email those thoughts to me privately!!

  4. Sometimes you just had to be there. I am sure it was funny. Cool you go on a train to work. I have never been on a train in Israel.

  5. I would, but...

    A) It's Elul
    B) I live a block away from B'nai Revuen and I'd get lynched. :)
    C) I'd rather email you about RSRH


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